If you’re a Kdrama fan, chances are, you have some false stereotypes about Korea in your head. Tons of handsome Gong Yoo lookalikes at every corner? Plates and plates of kimchi with every meal? Unfortunately, these false assumptions do more harm https://www.eastwood-hall.co.uk/small-wedding-reception-ideas than good to Koreans. They create an unrealistic and biased view of their country and society. They also make it harder for foreigners to integrate into the culture and adapt to life in Korea.

This one is a bit touchy because of the many controversial issues regarding cultural appropriation and lack of awareness about the cultures that Kpop idols supposedly draw inspiration from for their music south korean mail order bride (which is also true within other genres like K-rnb). However, there are plenty of examples where this stereotype isn’t true. For example, a former English teacher in Korea told me that a 4th grader was excited to graduate because her parents were going to gift her double eyelid surgery.

South Koreans are well known for being e-gaming enthusiasts. The country is a hub for professional gamers. This stereotype can be somewhat true because South Korea does have a lot of e-gaming enthusiasts but it’s not true for all Korean men.

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This is a popular stereotype mainly because of the way that e-gaming has been portrayed in Korean dramas and movies. There is some truth to this one because Koreans are very hardworking and educationally obsessed. They often study until the wee hours of the morning and sacrifice leisure activities in order to improve their grades.