Sacramentum matrimonium is the Italian phrase for matrimony, though the expression”marriage” is typically used in everyday speech. It’s important to keep in mind that the endings of words in Latin vary depending on the part of speech they have ( accusative, prepositional, or accusative ), as well as whether they are plural or singular, when reading Latin records. Latin women to marry each word’s most frequently used variety is provided in this record.

A sacred coalition between a man and woman is relationship. In the Church, it is a significant communion. The Latin word matrimonium, which combines the two distinct Latin roots matr ( meaning “mother” and moni ( memorage” ), is where the word “marriage” originates. The meaning of the communion in terms of religion is referred to as divine matrimony.

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It’s interesting to note that there is n’t a corresponding verb in Indo-european languages for the Latin word maritare for marriage. In Indo-european societies, men were merely told to wed a woman they had accepted as their wife ( Lat ). Supply him his daughter in marriage and ire in matrimonium is a modified type of the word uxorem ducere. She is not said to marry someone but to be in the “married condition” ( Lat ), so the word for a woman entering the married state is also different. anger in marriage ).

The Christian writings, such as Genesis 2:24, which states,” And they may be one meat, for what God has joined together enable no man put asunder,” are related to the word “marriage.” The idea that matrimony is spiritual and should not be entered into gently is actually largely based on this paragraph from the Bible.