Despite long-standing Cold War animosity, Americans and Russians place a high value on numerous facets of one another’s cultures, including music and literature Astonishingly, historical discussion is very strong.

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Russians does find American communication to remain impolite because they can become direct and honest. They can be extremely dependable, but you need to win their trust over period. They expect devotion and accessibility from you as well if you want to get their buddy.

For instance, Russians do n’t usually laugh much, which Americans might interpret as being hostile or untruthful. For those they believe in, they reserve their smiles. Additionally, they do n’t use words like” I’m sorry,”” thank you,” or “it’s all right.” They would rather express their gratitude through deeds than through terms

While faith plays a significant part in daily life in Russia, American community tends to be liberal. There are many churches in big towns, and many citizens attend church services every week, regardless of denomination.

The importance of relatives in Russian tradition cannot be overstated. Russians enjoy spending evenings together, and they frequently go out with friends or have lunch or dinner with family members. In contrast to the land, where people typically have a home or dacha with individual apartments, households in cities typically live in flats. Many Russians have countless relatives and other older family members who are very significant in their lifestyles.